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A colourful display of art filled Gore Park in Elmira on Sept. 7.

The 3rd Annual Art in the Park brought out over 12 local artists who showcased their one-of-a-kind pieces.

“All of the artists are from Woolwich Township except for a couple who are from nearby areas,” said Marie Malcolm, who works with the Woolwich Township Recreation Association. “There are so many different mediums being displayed here today including painting, photography, jewellers and woodworking.”

This is the first year Malcolm has organized the event.

“It’s an event for everyone. It gives local artists the opportunity to showcase their talents and skills. And we also have The Waterloo Region Library here offering free crafts for kids,” she said.

Photographer Jack MacAulay displayed his photographs highlighting the rich landscapes southwestern Ontario has to offer.  A member of the Kitchener Society of Artists, MacAulay uses 8″ x 10″ and 4″ x 5″ view cameras for his black and white landscape photography. His photographs are taken in all seasons, but he has a special interest in winter photography.

Kathryn McKee, artist, PHOTO: Barbara Geernaert

Glen McKee, from Elmira, also displayed his detailed pieces of pyrography or woodburning. It’s an age-old technique where a heated metal pen is used to burn wood, leaving behind a decorative pattern and in McKee’s case, elaborate pictures, each depicting a meaningful story. Throughout history, artists using this technique have been able to express themselves by creatively burning strokes into wood, leather, and even gourds.

And Artist Kathryn McKee, who is born and raised in Elmira, displays her colourful oil and acrylic paintings. One painting of an Inuit person, all bundled up in the snow, particularly stands out.  “The Inuit culture is so relevant today. It’s just something I wanted to try,” McKee said.

The event drew in a good number of spectators, eager to take a peek at what their local artists had to offer.

“It allows the community the opportunity to mingle with one another,” Malcolm said.

“And it brings everyone together.”

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