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Bask in the Tropics in Your Own Backyard

Bring the tropics to your own backyard! Adding tropical plants throughout your yard or on the porch and patio is a great way to bring a summer-long, relaxing, exotic tropical environment right to your own home. Tropical plants make a great statement when mixed with more traditional annuals and perennials or on their own in decorative pots.

The most common tropical plants grown outdoors during the summer are Hibiscus, Bougainvillea, Mandevilla, Passion Flower Vine, and Oleander. These are all great options for bright and bold tropical flowers that are stunningly unique. This past year, I added Hibiscus to my mixed annual planters and enjoyed the show of flowers all summer. Flowering tropicals are a great option for making a statement outdoors – just like annuals, they provide bright blooms throughout the summer. Plus, with the right care, it’s easy to bring these plants indoors in the fall and enjoy them all winter, before putting them outside again the following year.

I am also obsessed with Bird of Paradise and Banana plants. Each year I lug about 20 pots outside for the summer and back in again in the fall (making my windows a tropical paradise during the winter, too). Some years I plant my Bananas in flowerbeds, and other years I’ll choose to plant them in pots or mixed planters – it always depends on what inspires me and catches my eye that spring. Other tropical foliage can also add a great statement outside during the hot summer months – think of large palms for a bit of added privacy on a porch or deck, or use the large and uniquely-shaped leaves of an Alocasia (Elephant Ears) in mixed annual planters.

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