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Reading Corner – The Book Thief

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak


The month of November is the time to remember all those who fought for peace and unity for our country. We learn about the wars in school, however, we usually only learn about our side of the story.

The Book Thief written by Markus Zusak is unique since we see World War II from the experiences of Liesel, a nine-year-old Jewish German girl, being taken in by the Hubermann family after her younger brother’s death.

Not only is this book beautifully written, but it has an interesting point of view as we grow up with Liesel. This novel is not seen through her eyes, but through those of Death, as he follows her with great interest.

Since she is so young, her view of the world around her is somewhat unreliable. She doesn’t truly grasp the situation, and only knows that something is wrong. This point plays a very interesting role as the story progresses since the reader is learning the severity of what is happening alongside Liesel.

This novel is great for all ages if one has an interest in learning. I read it with my mum and we both loved it equally. While it is considered a young adult read, it is a good book to transition into a higher level of reading.

The Book Thief keeps you guessing with each page making it difficult to put down. There is so much compacted into one book, letting the reader feel what it was like to be Jewish and German living in the 1940s.

If you’re looking for an informational, passionate book about World War II, this is the novel for you!



Review Written by Davina Robinson

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