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A common assertion from elected officials across Canada is that our main objective includes a return to some normalcy sometime this summer.  Vaccinations and adherence

Anyone living in the Region of Waterloo, when discussing their hometown with other residents across Canada, will soon realize this community is known nationally for

The Ontario agriculture and food industry including farmers, manufacturers and retailers has been highly successful on implementing new technologies for higher productivity. However, food production from

A population-wide COVID-19 vaccination effort will inherently attract a high volume of media and public scrutiny. Inevitably jurisdictional comparisons will evolve into a major component

What’s happening in Waterloo Region Rural Real Estate March statistics of listings and sales Brought to you by Kitchener-Waterloo Real Estate News Keith Marshall, Realtor     Listings There are currently 49

On March 25, 2021, the Supreme Court of Canada released a decision related to the federal government’s highly controversial carbon pricing system. In the on-going

We have been at this for more than a year - the virtual working from home world.  It should be no surprise that Mental Health

The early days of 2021 have generated a high level of attention on housing prices across Waterloo Region and southern Ontario. According to the Kitchener-Waterloo Association

Anyone connected with minor hockey knows that managing the local arena, like many public service jobs, provides long hours combined with a continually escalating roster

Among the many daily media reports recently around COVID-19 vaccinations there has emerged a major controversy centred on the Canadian dairy industry. Some media reports

What’s happening in Waterloo Region Rural Real Estate February statistics of listings and sales Brought to you by Kitchener-Waterloo Real Estate News Keith Marshall, Realtor   Listings: There are currently 23

Within the next two months, federal and Ontario Budgets will be tabled for voters to contemplate and discuss. The current COVID-19 pandemic has placed immense

A senior executive from the northern Ontario forestry industry informed me many years ago that his one constant was that there were no constants. Prices

The start of the global COVID-19 pandemic almost one year ago likely incited more economic predictions and forecasts than any other event in our collective

Listings There are currently 27 homes listed for sale with the Kitchener-Waterloo Real Estate Board in the rural towns and townships 4 are listed below $499,000 11 are

Pipelines, particularly those running through the United States, have become a major irritant in the corridors of government and decision-making across Canada. Alberta Premier Jason Kenney

Throughout the current pandemic an escalating level of analysis has been applied to rules for urban municipalities and the accompanying requirements for rural areas. Business openings,

Canadians love to discuss the weather, hockey and all matters related to food. The latest edition of Canada’s Food Price Report, jointly compiled by four

Over the past years I have written a series of columns related to varying levels of access to public services, primarily in healthcare and education,

In my thirty plus years of working inside and outside of government, vacations were never considered a major point of contention for anyone. But in

Since my last column in mid-December, there have been many interesting developments across the rural communities of Waterloo Region. A positive announcement is a great starting

As recent media reports indicate, both Waterloo Region school boards have announced the end of snow days. If buses are not running due to inclement

During the early days of December as the number of new COVID-19 cases was rising across Ontario, a very grim milestone was reached on the

For many years businesses across rural Ontario have spent considerable financial resources and related efforts to attract the residents of urban Ontario to their communities. The

In late November grim news proliferated throughout Canada related to the tragic loss of an Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Officer, Marc Hovingh, on Manitoulin Island. 

The emerging reality for medical officials across Canada is that COVID-19 is now a national challenge. The virus is not an issue requiring attention in

Provincial and federal Budgets are, under normal circumstances, a major element of the late winter-early spring political cycle of events and announcements across Canada. In the

Disappointing but not unexpected or unreasonable news was recently delivered by the Waterloo Region District School Board when they announced a cancellation of the 2020-2021

Our world has changed and with so many people losing jobs and businesses they are searching for a way to stay afloat financially. Many are coming

Since the start of COVID-19, a heavy level of analysis has become focused on comparisons of cases across Ontario municipalities. These assessments translate into public

Since the start of the current pandemic, Waterloo Region farmers have ensured a continuing supply of the highest quality food at reasonable prices anywhere. Industry

Under usual or normal circumstances, Ottawa and Queen’s Park would have been eerily quiet on the Friday before a Thanksgiving weekend.  As we are all

The delivery of health care or any public service to the residents of rural Ontario has traditionally generated significant discussions, particularly as it relates to

The federal Throne Speech from September 23, 2020 generated an extraordinarily high level of media and public attention across Canada. As we are all aware, the

The mandating of protective masks in public has been a contentious issue for municipalities across Ontario. Many open meetings extended well into the evening hours,

This column is not my first on Ontario public education during the COVID-19 pandemic. The many issues related to the start of the 2020-21 school

A highly charged and emotional debate is intensifying across Ontario with recent legislative restrictions placed on demonstrations against the livestock and meat processing industries. Ontario Agriculture,

As the interesting and unusual summer of 2020 winds down, a dominant issue across Ontario and Canada is public education and the return of students

In the current year of cancellations and postponements, a major loss for all communities across rural Ontario is the annual fall fair. Recently, CTV News Kitchener

A year ago in June of 2019, I wrote a column related to the urgent requirement for investments into rural broadband. In August of 2020,

I’m doing my will and naming my two children as executors. The problem is that my one child lives 1500 km away. Can I appoint

Since the middle of March this year when the local, provincial and national economies were severely impacted by mandated closings across all of Canada, a

The “equity” in a company is evidenced by shares issued to the founders by the company. The number of shares you get determines the percentage

A local federal MP once told me that voters across Canada have a bizarre belief that when the House of Commons is not in session

A living will is a document whereby a person can set out their wishes for end of life care and treatment. The document is directed

Opinion polls from the recent Canadian election indicated a priority issue for many voters, particularly in the Atlantic Provinces, was health care. Polling also found

An “IPO” or “Initial Public Offering” is how private companies become listed on a stock exchange to have their shares publicly traded. These companies are

Politics and elections are like sports – the best analysis is always conducted after the last vote is counted or the clock runs out. Firstly, Doug

Author Garrison Keillor, who built a literary and broadcasting career from stories based in fictional towns across the American Midwest, used to start many narratives

When starting a business there are many factors to be considered such as financing product, product development, marketing and sales. Perhaps one of the most

The festive season is almost upon us, and we at the New Hamburg Board of Trade wanted to let you know about the exciting upcoming

In many respects, Iowa is very similar to southwestern Ontario. The state was built around food production and is dominated by family farms with thousands

Over the weekend of September 21 to 22, I attended the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Saint John New

The use of an NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreement is extremely important in business. Basically, the agreement prevents someone from releasing confidential information provided to it

As Waterloo Region and rural Ontario continue to grow in population, the local policy agenda for the upcoming federal election is significant. Anyone watching national media

“What is forensic evidence? I always hear that mentioned on TV” Forensic evidence relates to the discovery, use and application of medical evidence in the assembly

Prior to a month ago, it is highly unlikely that most Ontario voters knew much about AMO. The term is an acronym for the Association

When an employee is hired to do a job assigned by his employer and, in carrying out those assigned duties, the employee makes a discovery,

The first website of the Internet went live on August 6, 1991. It was about the World Wide Web project itself. By 1997, the year the millionth

An August 7 segment on CTV News by Zayn Jinah reminded many people in southwestern Ontario of one of the province’s most devastating weather events. On

A frequent discussion around the national business community is what does Canada have that Americans want. The historic answer has been hockey players. Canada also has

“I have a small business. When I hire a new employee, are there any benefits to having them on contract vs having them on payroll?”   Job

One method for reducing probate fees in Ontario is the use of multiple Wills. Why do we want to avoid probate? Probate may be required

There are very few events in rural Canada that can match a local guy bringing home the Stanley Cup. The municipalities of Waterloo Region hosted the

A major component of the Canadian system of federalism is the annual meetings of ministers responsible for their designated portfolios. When the federal Minister of Finance

A common debate around softball diamonds and backyard barbeques this summer has been the price of houses across Waterloo Region and southwestern Ontario. Actually this

The family cottage can be among a family’s most cherished institutions. Unfortunately, a cottage does not qualify as a Principle Residence and is therefore subject

Q. My dad recently passed away, my three sisters and I are executors of the will… Now what do we do?   A. Being named Executor of

Last winter, as most of Waterloo Region was heavily engaged with the province’s formal review of regional government, another debate started in Toronto and gradually

A mere month ago, I wrote about a rising crisis for Canadian farmers in the world of international trade. Like most major political issues there

Well, look at that…summer is here!  And this town has been sooo busy with lots of great events, with more to come! We all had a

In the current era of fiscal restraint and program review, one area of infrastructure spending where both the federal and provincial governments are providing financial

Summer is slowing sneaking up on us, and along with that will come summer BBQs and social gatherings.  As the host you will want to

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to the readers of the Waterloo Region Rural Post. June 20th will be our 78th year

Q. My father recently passed away and my siblings and I were named executors of his estate. My mother is still alive and I have

The normal discussions around the weather and spring planting have been rudely disrupted across rural areas of Waterloo Region and all of Canada this spring. In

With the conclusion of the Alberta election and a federal vote fast approaching, the carbon tax is emerging as a huge national issue of debate

Over the years the employment market has changed. Years ago, many employees spent their entire working career with one employer. The competitive nature of business

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