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Really? You must be kidding!!!  Who calls the Mayor with all their problems anyway?  You can’t do that!  You just figure them out yourself or you go on grumbling about them to whomever you see and whoever you can immobilize with the complaint of the day.

Most regular town folk would equate trying to reach the mayor with trying to get to the Queen or President Trump by phone, via seven chains of command first and never being successful anyway in the end.

Well I am here to tell you that I am as reachable as the broom on your back porch.  I am as ordinary as anyone else, and being a mayor hasn’t elevated me to a high lofty perch where I couldn’t or wouldn’t relate with the struggles, troubles, or tribulations that befall all of us during our daily walk through life.  There is no clearance to wade through and no identification that has to be shown, and really no red tape process at all.  It’s as easy as picking up the phone.

My office is open to anyone, at anytime (unless I am out at an appointment with you guessed it, another mayor).  But let’s be clear here.  We all have five working days and there is always another opportunity for me to connect with you.  Just make that call and talk to my right-hand-man (person) and together strategize to find an appropriate time for either a phone call or a personal meeting within the confines of my office if convenient.

Wherever, I may be, whether it is in a grocery store, a ribbon-cutting of some new entity within the Township, or dropping in at the local Tim Hortons, I consider that a discussion there is as important as anywhere else.  I would expect that the end results could be achieved just the same, regardless of the locale or the topic of conversation.

I can’t guarantee that I can fix, repair, or even find a solution to every dilemma  or situation that might present itself, but I will give you my undivided attention and delve into the obstacle at hand, through either my own resources or through the assistance of appropriate staff.  Many outcomes can be reached and made better when brought to the forefront.  I strive to have contented and happy residents of our Township and things are always made better with a good cup of hot Township coffee.

So if I can assist, support, facilitate, or just provide a listening ear, I am only a phone call away and I assure you I am as conventional, regular, and everyday ordinary as you are.  My door is always open.


Les Armstrong, Mayor

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