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Carter’s Story


Photo: KidsAbility

Cambridge Ambassador (2019-2020)

When you first meet Carter, you will see a vibrant, outgoing and expressive young boy. Full of life, Carter, age 10, tells us he is stronger and able to do things on his own because of KidsAbility, following a serious car accident 2 years ago.

Devastating news for any parent, the surgical team took mom Rebecca aside and regretfully told her that Carter was likely going to be quadriplegic. He could only move his eyes and his mouth. But after weeks of intensive therapy in hospital to help move his arms and legs, Carter was determined not to go home in a wheelchair. He worked hard to build up his strength and was discharged with only a walker and a referral for KidsAbility.

“I had no idea just how many services and supports KidsAbility provided to families until we needed them,” says Rebecca. “When you come in, you get a whole team of people. Having all of these services in one place makes it so much easier for families—you are not alone.”

Carter continued to strengthen his muscles through his favourite therapy sessions on the zip line swing chair at the KidsAbility Cambridge site. Experiencing trauma, Carter and his family also received help from the social work team to work through emotions. His big sister, Charlie, is also someone Carter looks up to in his journey.

Today, Carter is not only walking, he is running, playing the drums and wants to pass the swim test so he can go down the waterslide at his local pool—something that his Recreation Therapist at KidsAbility is helping him to achieve. No doubt, he will continue to conquer his goals and dreams for the future. Look for Carter and his family throughout the region on behalf of  KidsAbility this year and into 2020 as they support our fundraising and awareness efforts!

Source: KidsAbility

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