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If you’re looking for the perfect summer blockbuster for you and/or your family, then this the film to see! Toy Story 4 kicks off another

This sequel is pretty much what you would expect. Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson bring their charisma to the screen. This film is undoubtedly

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is the 10th, and said to be, final X-Men film using the familiar characters from previous films in the series. This

Originating from Manitoba, Canada, Jordan Janzen and James Shiels began The Color after a season in life when they thought they were letting go

Talk about fellowship. J.R.R. Tolkien was not only a man who celebrated love and passions but you get to watch how it impacted his

Atypical - TV Show, 40 minutes Netflix has something for everyone, with movies and shows of every variety to get absorbed into - from horror