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Dear Friend, Everything God makes He makes perfect—including marriage. He made you for marriage. That means you have a one-hundred percent chance of success in marriage. Hearing that,

New Release- Not Forsaken: Sons & Daughters of a Perfect Father 118-1595 - $24.49 You are chosen, loved, prized, wanted, believed in, by a perfect Father.

New Release- Given: The Forgotten Meaning and Practice of Blessing by Tina Boesch 118-0731- $22.99 We all have a deep ache to be blessed by God

Dear Friend, If I had one thing to tell couples that would improve their marriage and keep it strong, it would be this: You have

Dear Friend, Every good marriage is the product of many good words. Every bad marriage is the result of bad words—or no words at all.

Originating from Manitoba, Canada, Jordan Janzen and James Shiels began The Color after a season in life when they thought they were letting go

Dear Friend, No marriage is successful because you and your spouse have chemistry, or are each other’s soul mates, or because you have good luck.