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CCC Sulphur Products aims to reduce environmental footprint

CCC Sulphur Products (also known as Sulco Chemicals Limited) has made a commitment to keep the community informed of our efforts to protect health, safety and the environment. With the installation of a recent facility upgrade, we want to share the steps we have taken to meet these initiatives.

CCC Sulphur Products manufactures sulphuric acid, oleum and sodium bisulphite from molten sulphur. The sulphur that we consume is a by-product of oil refining and gas processing from refineries in Ontario.

These production processes generate a lot of heat and so, at the end of 2020, we will be installing a steam turbine and an air-cooled condenser to take advantage of this surplus heat. This facility upgrade will take steam from production and convert it into electricity. This steam is currently used on-site, sold to local manufacturing facilities via pipeline and vented to atmosphere when all other demands are met.

PHOTO: CCC Sulphur Solutions

Now we will be able to take this excess steam and run it through the turbine that rotates an electrical generator to produce enough electricity to allow the facility to be self-sufficient. The exhaust low-pressure steam from the turbine will be cooled with an air-cooled condenser to recycle the water back into the steam production process. Much of the project work is being done with the support of local contractors who have been key partners.

With the facility consuming less water as well as being self-sufficient on its electrical needs, we will be a business with the potential to operate completely “off-grid”. This upgrade will also allow the facility to remove all natural gas burning equipment used in day-to-day operations; an impressive accomplishment for any business and a testament that we can all make a difference in reducing our environmental footprint.

CCC Sulphur Products has been a proud employer and community member since 1968 and these recent changes show our on-going commitment to reduce our local environmental footprint.


By Ryan Draper

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