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Covid Relief Funding for Townships

On December 16, Mike Harris, MPP for Kitchener-Conestoga announced that the Region of Waterloo and area municipalities are receiving an additional $20,821,000 in Safe Restart Agreement funding. This discretionary funding will be used to offset operating costs for critical services and help ensure that local municipalities do not carry an operating deficit into 2021.

The Regional allocations are as follows:

Township of North Dumfries $94,000

Township of Wellesley $86,000

Township of Wilmot $204,000

Township of Woolwich $233,000

Regional Municipality of Waterloo $5,644,000

City of Cambridge $1,298,000

City of Kitchener $9,634,000 including over $7 million in application-based funding

City of Waterloo $3,628,000 including over $2 million in application-based funding


“This funding will provide our municipalities with the support they need to continue delivering critical services that we all rely on,” said MPP Harris. “(This) announcement will help the Region of Waterloo and our 7 cities and townships develop 2021 budgets that reflect the reality of COVID-19 and give them the confidence they need to proceed with capital projects that will drive economic growth.”

Of the $695 million announced by the Provincial Government, $299 million is being allocated across all 444 municipalities to help provide more financial relief, as 2021 operating budgets are finalized. An additional $396 million is also being allocated to 48 municipalities that have been hardest hit by COVID-19 and who have demonstrated a need for additional assistance in covering their 2020 operating deficits. This builds on the $43 million in the first phase of Safe Restart Agreement funding announced in August for Waterloo Region’s local governments.


Source: Ontario Press Release and WRRP Staff

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