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Easter Basket Rescue

Easter is a special time in our house. While we do take time to reflect and appreciate the significance of the holiday, let’s be honest, the Easter basket hunt is a pretty exciting part of the festivities! So what does the Easter Bunny bring to our house?

My boys do have a few Easter sweet treats that they look forward to and I think it’s important to allow these in moderation. The more I say no to treats, the more alluring they become. Allowing them to have the opportunity to indulge and practice self-regulation is an important life skill that takes trial and error to get right. That being said, I try to focus on non-candy things to add to my kid’s baskets.

When my kids were little, all it took was a container of bubbles, a bit of sidewalk chalk and plastic eggs to keep them happy. With kids that are a little older now, it can be a little more difficult to join in the fun without relying on candy.

A few things I’ve learned over the years:

  • It can be challenging to remember that Easter is not Christmas 2.0. As is true with most holidays, we are encouraged to spend, spend, spend. The amount of money we spend on our child is not a true reflection of our love. The time that we spend with them matters more.
  • The hunt is often more exciting than what is in the basket. Use the basket as an opportunity to give your kid’s the things that they already need for the upcoming season.

Ages: 0-2

  • Keep it simple with empty plastic eggs and a basket – enough said.
  • If you do want to add a thing or two, board books are a great option.

Ages: 2-4

  • empty plastic eggs and a basket
  • side walk chalk
  • bubbles
  • crayons, markers
  • stickers
  • bug catcher
  • clothes – new sundress or shorts, sandals, sun hat or ball cap, swimming gear

Ages: 5+ 

  • sports equipment (ball & glove, bike helmet, skipping ropes, yo-yo, hacky sack) After a long winter, get them excited to spend more time outside again!
  • books
  • clothes as above
  • sunglasses
  • seeds to plant – flower or vegetable, gardening gloves & shovels
  • sand pail & shovel
  • kite

Ages: 10+ 

  • same as above
  • gift cards for mini golf, bowling
  • headphones
  • music

While it doesn’t hurt to throw in a few chocolate eggs here and there, we are training our kids taste buds. Let’s help them learn how to celebrate special events without making sugary treats the focus.




Written by Amy Sonnenberg

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