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“What is forensic evidence? I always hear that mentioned on TV”

Forensic evidence relates to the discovery, use and application of medical evidence in the assembly of evidence for the law and is the basis of DNA testing, autopsy and drug analysis.

The first recorded use of forensic evidence was in a criminal case where the accused was on trial for murdering his neighbour with a sword. There were no eye witnesses and no evidence of blood or other damage to the weapon.

The police had everyone in the village put their swords on the ground and walk away leaving the swords behind.

They then released flies into the square where the swords were. They all ended up on the accused sword because although not visible to the naked eye, the flies detected the blood from the murder victim on the accused’s sword.

This scenario was recorded in a transcript of the court proceedings.

There have been many fascinating cases that have been resolved by the use of forensic evidence which in some cases, of course, will exonerate the accused.

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