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Letter form the Publisher – Keep the Faith

As we have passed the 250th day mark of the global pandemic we need to reflect on how far we have come.

Back in March we started hearing from the World Health Organization about a global pandemic.  We were comparing how many people succumb to the flu every year, and maybe this Covid-19 is just a different version of the flu.   I remember speaking with a friend back in March about this supposed pandemic. He thought it was a conspiracy by world governments.

When we look at the Covid-19 numbers vs the Flu numbers, there are no comparisons.  Last year’s Flu season numbers according to Health Canada show a total of 48,818 confirmed cases, with 224 deaths. So far, we have 315,754 cases of Covid-19 and 11,265 deaths.  So, it’s not just a case of the flu.   Now that we have survived round one in April and we are currently experiencing the second wave, the conspiracy theories are still swirling around like the fall leaves.

We must continue to be vigilant with our precautions.  The much-loathed facemask is now a part of our daily routine.  Many of my dapper friends have masks that match their outfits or moods.  Hand sanitizing as we enter stores and facilities are part of the décor.  Giving our name and phone numbers at restaurants don’t seem to be an invasion of our privacy anymore.  We are all in this together and we all must do our part.   Canada, and especially the Waterloo Region, has been doing their part, and we must not become complacent.

As I have scribbled this column together, we have just moved from orange to the red stage of restrictions for Covid-19 based on our daily numbers in Waterloo Region.   Stage red does not mean a complete close down.  It only means more restrictions implemented for public gatherings.

I speak with our local businesses in the four townships almost everyday. There is a fear that many share that we could be forced to shut down.  So let’s keep up our vigilance and safety practises.   This is a serious, very contagious virus, but we can come together as a community and stop the spread.  If you are feeling unwell, or have any health concerns, do not hesitate to contact your family physician.

Together we can and will make a difference.  As we approach the most wonderful time of the year, we must keep up the faith, continue to work together, and tests will be our great testimony.


Written by Todd Cowan

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