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Letter from Mayor Joe Nowak

The Complete Community:


“Complete Communities” is an urban and rural planning concept that aims to meet the basic needs of all residents in a community regardless of income, culture, or political ideologies. Complete Communities are places where homes, jobs, schools, community services, parks and recreational facilities are easily accessible. With these basic principles in mind, the Region has embarked on a mandatory review of its Official Plan to update policies and to plan for long-term population and employment growth to 2051.

To paraphrase the Region’s Vision for the Future: In this community, every resident feels like they belong; every resident has a warm bed and a safe place to live; every resident has the support they need, not just to meet the basic needs, but to thrive and grow and fully contribute; every resident is supported by a thriving economy; every resident can get to where they want easily with a mix of sustainable and accessible transportation options.

In Waterloo Region, we respect global climate and the local environment, and we understand that we live in a unique Region where our urban areas are surrounded by precious farmland.

“Covid-19 has presented challenges that we could never have foreseen, but thankfully, some things don’t change. We are still a caring community. We understand that Covid-19 has shifted our focus, but it has not shaken our vision. “The Region’s role remains firm: We exist to improve the lives of every single resident – Every, Single, One.”

I am pleased to represent the rural townships on the Regional Official Plan Review Advisory Committee. To have your say on this and other issues, the Region wants to hear from residents. To give your input on Regional projects visit:

Once this review is completed and adopted by Regional Council, Wellesley Township will embark on a review of our Official Plan to bring it into conformity with the Region’s.

From a rural perspective, there are a litany of objectives to pursue through this review. To name a few; the protection of our farmlands and natural areas; the addition of more employment lands to attract business and to improve long-term employment opportunities; upgrades to our sewage plant to allow for additional and inevitable growth; address the lack of affordable housing.

As we address these issues, Wellesley Township will come one step closer to becoming a more “Complete Community”.


Joe Nowak

Mayor, Wellesley

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