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Letter from Mayor Sue Foxton

I hope you all had a wonderful summer. It seems to end all too soon, although politically there is not a lot of down time.  If we are not in Council or Committee meetings, or meetings with Provincial or Federal members, then we are focusing on issues and concerns of our people.  This is what we choose as politicians and the commitment is 24/7, 365.

From the end of July to the end of September, our time is quickly booked up with meetings and preparations for AMO (Association of Municipalities on Ontario).  As you may be aware, this is where we attend sessions that bring us up to date on new legislation.  It also allows us to book meetings with the various Ministers to discuss issues of concerns for our municipalities.

Each Mayor, working with their CAO (Chief Administrative Officer) and with the permission of their Council, creates and presents briefs on their requests. At AMO 2018, the four Townships presented 4 briefs to 4 different Ministries.  Working together on common concerns gives us a stronger voice, but we are also recognized as Mayors and Municipalities willing to work together for the betterment of the people of Ontario.  Each Municipality also met with and presented briefs on issues unique to their own Municipality.

Once again, at AMO 2019, we will be jointly presenting to a number of Ministers as well as meeting individually to address our own concerns with certain Ministries.

AMO is an amazing opportunity to connect, be better informed and voice your municipality’s hopes and concerns. It gives me, as the Mayor of North Dumfries, the opportunity to make the Ministers aware that we exist; not only that we exist but that we are a strong and vibrant municipality.

People who live in our Townships are invested in their communities.  The people take ownership, want to be involved, want to assist with the growth and development of their Township. This investment by the people is energizing and exciting.  The people of our Townships do not always look to government to address every issue, but prefer to be a part of the process, working with local Townships and agencies to create a home, a lifestyle that speaks louder than words that we are proud Canadians.

With the preparations for meeting with the Ministries at AMO, organizing and preparing for an Aggregate Summit, and as a board member of SWIFT, working with the Federal and Provincial Governments to ensure the roll out of high speed internet, the remainder of the summer into the late fall is going to be a busy and exciting time.

Because of you, the people, we will be heard. We will be recognized and we will flourish.

Working together we are stronger. We are better.


Sue Foxton


North Dumfries

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