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Letter from Mayor Sue Foxton

Hello my friends, it’s me again, Sue Foxton. I truly hope you are well and managing through these interesting times.  It has been a busy time in the Political World, many meetings, watching, hoping and pushing for Vaccines to come to us all as soon as possible, and in stating this I am amazed at what has been done.  When we first heard of the vaccine it was thought that the rollout would start in Sept. of 2021.  Here it is April 2021 and things are moving safely but quickly.

We are all so proud of those who have stepped up, sit on the organizing committees or volunteer at the centres or our essential workers. The whole package makes me so proud of our Townships, Cities, Region, Province and Country. We truly can stand PROUD!

No, we are not perfect, we are human, and perfection is not within the realm of being human.

So, what is new? It always seems to amaze me how three levels of Government, different parties, are willing to come together for the betterment of the people.  COVID-19 has brought us together as never before.  But it is not just COVID-19, for there is life still evolving in other ways.

At this time, I want to express my thanks to the Federal and Provincial Governments for the three grants given to North Dumfries with the value of just over 1.3 million dollars. CBC asked if I still felt my voice of the Township was being heard at the Upper Levels of Government.  My response was and has been a resounding yes. Ministers open their doors, listen, take notes and I believe most of them hear us.

I am proud of my Country, proud to work with our MPs and MPPs. Proud of the people, you, who make it all worthwhile. It is humbling and I continue to be amazed by it all. I am so truly thankful.  We are blessed.

Working together we are better, we are stronger.


Sue Foxton


North Dumfries

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