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Letter from Mayor Sue Foxton

Times are never boring and change is a constant.  With all that is happening I have requested that my Council move forward with our plans and deal with the changes and its impact as they arise.  We cannot guess what will happen or when, so as always we will move forward with caution and responsible government, but we will move forward.

We, along with our other counterparts within the Region, are strong and proud of each of our municipalities.  The mutual respect for one another allows us to work more effectively.  It is an honour to work with my counterparts in the Region as well as MPP Mike Harris, MPP Belinda Karaholios and MP Bryan May.  Regardless of what party an individual is in, I measure the person by their integrity and dedication to their position. Bryan, Mike and Belinda are committed and dedicated to our communities.

As you may be aware, I have been selected to be the chair of TAPMO (Top Aggregate Producing Municipalities of Ontario). I am also co-chair of TAPMO/OSSGA (Ontario Stone Sand and Gravel Association). There seems to be a new surge of energy within these groups and working together we are coming up with common stands that we will address to the Province and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forests, which should prove beneficial to both Municipalities and the Aggregate Industry. I just need the Ministry on board, and I am working hard to get it.

I have also been selected as a board member on SWIFT (South Western Integrated Fibre Technology) which is working on bringing access to fast, unlimited and reliable broadband.  As you may have heard, there were three announcements over the past month where the first projects are rolling out.  It is exciting times to be a part of the essential changes for the betterment of rural Ontario.

Your Township Mayors and CAO’s still meet regularly to discuss how we can work more effectively together. Collectively working together,r we are committed to having strong, vibrant Townships.

It is such an honour to have Karen Redman as Regional Chair.  Her voice for the Townships as well as the cities is ever strong.  Karen wants to ensure that all decisions at the Regional level shall be mindful of the Townships.  She works endlessly to ensure every voice is heard and dealt with fairly.

Governments come and go. Elected officials change either by their choice or by yours. The people are the remaining constant.  Thank you. Thank you for being ever vigilant, for being compassionate, for caring about your communities and one another.  It is an honour and privilege to serve you.

Working together we are better, we are stronger.

Sue Foxton

Mayor, North Dumfries

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