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Letter from MPP Belinda Karahalios

For over a year, the Ford government has used emergency measures on citizens in an attempt to control the spread of the coronavirus.  The initial promise of a temporary two-week lockdown to “flatten the curve” has turned into permanent emergency measures being applied with varying application all while the coronavirus is just now peaking in transmission.

Starting with the passing of Bill 195 (the Reopening Ontario Act), the Ford government has repeatedly justified their unprecedented draconian measures by stating that their decision making was beyond reproach because it was all based on “science.”

However, over two days in April, Premier Ford showed us that isn’t actually what is happening.

On Friday, April 16th, Premier Ford announced new emergency powers that included a ban on taking our children to park playgrounds and granting sweeping new powers to the police that would allow them to make random stops of pedestrians and motorists to demand an address and a reason for their travel.  By Saturday, April 17th, the Premier reversed course on his park ban and over 20 police forces across Ontario publicly announced they will not be enforcing any such random checks.

Within days, it was reported that Premier Ford was not advised by Ontario’s Science Advisory Table to implement either of these draconian measures.  One government MPP was also quoted by a reporter as saying the government’s own MPPs were not consulted on the implementation of these most recent lockdown measures.

These revelations surprised many Ontarians because for over a year, the Premier and his cabinet have repeatedly claimed that all of their decisions have been based on “science” and on the advice of “doctors” and that government MPPs are consulted.

Over the last year, over 25,000 Ontario businesses have closed their doors as a result of the Ford government’s decision making.  The personal care and restaurant industries were hit especially hard by the ever-changing lockdown measures.  We have been lectured by the Premier to grin and bear his lockdown measures all while he claimed to be powerless to do anything in the contrary.

Now the truth has been revealed. The Ford government has been in charge of its own decision making and has not made its decisions solely based on “science” or on instructions from “doctors,” and the never-ending lockdown measures don’t seem to have had any effect on slowing down the spread of the coronavirus.



Belinda Karahalios

MPP Cambridge, North Dumfries & North Brant

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