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Letter from the Editor: April 15, 2021

We’re in lockdown again. Let’s hope that the third time’s the charm.

Like many, my emotions have been going up and down like a toilet seat as Premier Ford flops from one leg to the other trying to get the pandemic under control.

It seems like only yesterday that Ford announced a “shutdown” of Ontario (actually it was a full 5 days ago) and now he just announced a one month “lockdown” running at least until May 6th.

You know the drill. Work from home, curbside pickup, health clubs, theatres, restaurants and bars closed…

I am just comforted that he has a plan (lol). Early last year, Ford said that he would follow the advice of his medical advisors; and for a while he did. Then he didn’t, as he succumbed to pressure from the province’s business community. Then he did again, then he didn’t and now he is once again (following medical advice).

Why do we have to go into lockdown again? Well, I think it’s ultimately because of selfish, self-serving people who don’t follow the protocols and seem to think their right to choose is more important than the health and lives of their friends, family and neighbours.

Education, peer pressure, fines for non-compliance and other measures have not proved sufficient in changing everyone’s behavior.

Waterloo Region has been doing somewhat better than those areas closer to Toronto and our townships are doing better than the region’s cities. Just yesterday, downtown Kitchener was reported to be a hotspot for Covid transmission.

I feel confident that we will get through this, but it is wreaking havoc on our small businesses as well as the emotional wellbeing of our citizens.

So what can I do to feel safe and secure?

I think I’ll go to my neighbourhood store and stock up on toilet paper.




Written by Peter Dunn

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