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Letter from the Editor – December 10.2020

Waterloo Region has been in the Covid-19 Code-Red level for a couple of weeks now, and Region of Waterloo Medical Officer of Health Dr. Hsiu-Li Wang says that hospital capacities are strained, as hospitalizations and ICU admissions increase.

According to Dr. Wang, there’s been a concerning trend of employee-to-employee spread at some workplaces and there’s also concern about client spread in sports and fitness facilities where people aren’t wearing masks to work out or maintaining physical distancing. The local Old Order Mennonite community is also of concern, as is discussed in more detail on page 9.

Nobody wants us to go into lockdown again. If we each do our best to follow the guidelines, we won’t have to.

We’re all tired of the near-constant masking and unmasking, the social distancing and isolation, and the need for ever-present vigilance. But as those who have benefited by the teaching in Alcoholics Anonymous know, you can do it by taking “One Day at a Time.”

The Holidays this year will be a lot different from those of the past, or indeed those of the future. This year, Dr. Hsiu-Li Wang recommends we all hunker down, visit with family and friends via Zoom, Skype or phone, and keep up the recommended medical protocols.

We all want to gather with our family, friends, church members and social groups, but do we love them enough to give them a wide berth this year? It’s nothing personal, just good, common sense.

Life is full of choices and for the health of everyone in the community, I hope and pray that you act out of love, keeping yourself and everyone else safe by following the health guidelines every minute of every day until this pandemic is over.

Wishing you all a safe, healthy and loving holiday season.


Peter Dunn


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