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Letter from the Publisher

Dear Readers:

As we have begun to emerge from the pandemic, the Rural Post is back to work.   We have returned to a different neighbourhood and a different world.   If you would have told me on New Year’s Day that in the upcoming year there would be a devastating event that would close schools, churches, businesses, and all sporting events, I would have checked your temperature.   Most of us have never experienced a global shut down before.  The first few weeks were scary.  The busy road behind our home was empty, grocery shelves were picked clean, and for some reason, toilet paper was the go-to security blanket many couldn’t get enough of.

Like bears coming out of hibernation, we are slowly and gingerly getting back to our new normal.   When I see friends and co-workers in person now, I can greet them with “so how was your March break eh?”   For the first time ever, I completed my “honey do list” – from finally connecting the water to the fridge we purchased 18months ago, to fixing and tightening all the taps and super cleaning the garage.  And, I am not sure if it is my imagination or if there are considerably more birds in our backyard this year!

I must say, I am impressed and grateful for the leadership of our country, province and municipalities, when you look at how we have been proactive from day one to stop the spread of the virus and flattened the curve.  Looking at our neighbours to the south, where the virus is still out of control, we can appreciate what our leaders have done at all levels; and our new super heroes – the front-line workers.  Throughout the days of the pandemic, they continued to risk their lives to help and serve others. Thank you so much!

We acknowledge that there have been casualties during this time.  We have lost some wonderful businesses, and some friends.   Most businesses have found it very tough to survive. Businesses that were forced to shut down still faced the carrying costs, without any means of generating income.  Some essential services that could remain open, have found it challenging to find product for their customers.  The restaurant industry, especially in our towns, have felt the pain.

As we move towards the next stage of re-opening, we need to help get our local economy back on track.  How do we do this?  We need to make a deliberate and conscious effort to shop local, buy local and support local.   Here at the Rural Post, we will be featuring local businesses over the next few weeks.  We hope we can draw your attention to the fantastic goods and services found in our own neighbourhoods.  Corporately, we have pulled together a back on track strategy to help businesses, communities and volunteer organizations catch up and move forward.

We cannot ignore the potential of a second wave or a spike in new cases.  We need to be vigilant with our distancing and masking until this real threat has passed.

Do you have some good news or positive stories you would like to share?  Drop us a line!

It’s great to be back!

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