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Letter to the Editor – December 10.2020

Just a comment on your Nov 19 Tiger comic strip – you may need to run an explanation of the strip for any reader under 40 – yes, I can remember having a TV with all sorts of knobs hidden under a panel & all the fiddling needed to get the best picture – but try to explain that to someone growing up with a flat screen. I had a huge 25 inch colour TV that weighed about 120 lbs (that’s about 50kg I think). My current 25 inch flat screen weighs under 10 lbs. Also my first VCR had several controls just to get the best playback.

If we’re taking a trip down memory lane how many remember only black & white shows on a few channels with the channels signing off at midnight. When they started testing colour broadcasting, they ran the colour shows after midnight. Then there’s rabbit ears, antenna’s on the roof & lots of other technology gone by the wayside.


Cheers, John

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