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Letter to the Editor from Deborah Armstrong

There is an earlier, much bigger/deeper story and it explains the motive and the underlying issues on the attack of Mayor Les Armstrong…..

This is a hate crime and is racist against Les Armstrong. A lot of us are well aware of who the persecutors are. It’s a small community and word gets around as to who hates you, what is being said about you and what people are planning against you…

This story began in the 2014 election, only in spite of their efforts, Les won that election and then it started again in 2018 only way more aggressive ….supporters of the other candidate played a lot of dirty pool. One thing they did was steal Les’s signs. It was a constant, expensive battle to keep replacing them. I know, as it was my job. I wanted Les to put a complaint in to the police but he didn’t want to make waves.

They harassed people who did put up Les’s signs and some were so afraid, they took Les’s signs down and contacted Les to tell him they didn’t want any trouble, so they took his sign down. But told him they would still vote for him.

One business phoned Les and asked for a sign so I put one up. Two days later it was gone so I replaced it. A few days later it was gone again. When I inquired, they said they got complaints from a few of their customers so they felt it wasn’t worth it – but they were still voting for Les. The other candidate’s sign was now on their business lawn. I suppose if we would have gotten Les’s supporters to complain to that business about having his opponent’s sign up they may have taken it down, but Les would not allow that to happen…

They spread lies about what Les stood for; lies about the things he did, or didn’t do…….the local newspaper printed a negative article about Les just before the election. It was an article, but no name as to who wrote it and that was odd to me. When I asked who wrote it, the reporter claimed he had no idea. So I called the head office and found out who wrote the article and it turned out it was the local reporter who denied to me that he had written it. There was no time before the election to get a retraction…how convenient!!!… I told their head office I was considering getting a lawyer because they wronged Les and they said they would not be able to talk to me any further. Shortly after that the reporter was no longer working at the local paper. Les would not let me go to a lawyer. He said “Just let it go. I trust the people who really know me well will still support me on Election Day.”  And he was right and they did.

On Election Day, I know these people who tried so hard to win the election for their candidate and played their dirty games were sure they had done their job well enough. They were shocked when Les got in again. From that day forward there was a new agenda; how can we get him out of office. There is a lot more to this story. I know these people and the reason they hate Les is because of their own selfish egos. Les will not let me tell anyone who they are because he is too nice.

I was married to Les for 38 years and while we had our issues and are now separated, we remain friends. I know him to be a good, honest man who really cares about Wilmot Township. He is dedicated to all the residents of Wilmot.  Whether you voted for him or not, he works for your best interest. He can’t make all your wishes come true, but he tries and is fair. But it is council who votes on your issues…the mayor does not have to vote unless there is a tie. For some reason though, if your issue gets voted down you blame the mayor and want him out.

Some of you call him racist. Are you kidding me?? I am Metis and he married me. His family took in an asian girl who came from a poor, abusive family. She lived with them for 4 years. She got a great education and did very well for herself. Les loves Gloria like a sister. He is not racist. He worked with coloured people and called them friends. He is not a racist.

In the June 26, 2020 meeting at the township, Les’s accusers brought people in to talk against Les, calling him a racist and saying he is too old to be mayor (that is a racist remark) but no one spoke up about that. These people didn’t live in Wilmot and prior to this meeting they had never met Les nor knew him. How fair is that?? They became his judge and jury…how would you like that?

Les has always chosen jobs to serve people. He was in the navy for 5 years, was a policeman for 13 years, worked at Service Ontario for years and then council and mayor of Wilmot. To try to take him down for your own agenda is just not right!! Shame on you who have worked so hard to discredit him….He will never take revenge on you though. He is just not like that. But karma has a way of righting things.

I wanted to come out in defence of Les long before this, but he asked me not to. But now that his trial is over I needed to get it out there. I hope Les runs again. Now that would be karma.


Deborah Armstrong


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    Thank you Ms. Armstrong for posting some awkward truths that most of us have been aware of over these last few years.
    I am not posting in “screaming” upper case 🤓 the siTe won’t let me use lower case.

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    This is so unfortunate and yet so believable with small town politics.

    Thanks Deb.

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    I’ve known Les for a very long time here in wilmot and I also see that there is an agenda as well. It is really too bad that people have lost all respect and resort to these types of tactics. It seems that the word racist is being thrown around so much it really losses its meaning. It is a serious aligation that really should be backed up with hard evidence and in the case of Les there is really nothing there to convince me of this..He’s a great man. Thank you Deborah!!