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Letter to the Editor – November 19, 2020

Well, I see we just lost two old sentinels at the Elmira cenotaph, cut to the ground.  The sudden disappearance of trees older than ourselves, made life a tad bitter for me yesterday afternoon.

With more trucks and fewer trees this week, it’s a pretty tough go for those of us who live here, and it’s only Tuesday!

I get it that public trees die and have to come down for the sake of safety, but often they die from the top and sturdy tall stumps might provide interesting 2nd use service to the community.

Rather than cutting the trees down to the ground, how about going through the list of artists on the Kissing Bridge Studio Tour and asking a couple at a time for ideas?

There are many ways to celebrate, not lose, a friendly old, giant.

Imagine a sap bucket, silhouetted in that simple opening, or maybe a bell, to honour the Fallen.

Photo: S.B., Elmira

What about a 2’ high jumping stump?  Maybe 10’ of that pristine and clean trunk might have been saved and slathered in birdhouses or carved (crowd source funding needed) by a member of the First Nations whose people lived here way back? A stump of our library tree might have honoured books.

Seeing/taking opportunities creates value.  In this new era: A priority of every action is to contribute positively and directly to the people.

S. B., Elmira

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