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Letters to the Editor: April 1, 2021

I sent my previous letter to a few regional councillors and did receive a response. Karen Redman advised that the regional librarians would assist by telephoning seniors to book their appointments. As well Sue Foxton simpithised with me and indicated a relative of hers was having similar difficulties in Alberta.
When I took my mother for her shot at the Boardwalk everything went smoothly. Her appointment was booked for 9:30am and she received the vaccine at 9:37am. As well she was able to use her walker through the whole course and the distance in and out was minimal.
I also finished booking my wifes vaccine appointment on line and it went quite smoothly and I was only required to prove non robot status once. A confirmation email was sent as well.
In review I am pleased that whatever glitches I experienced in booking my mother have been addressed. Whether the region just needed some time to make this process more efficient and whether my emails motivated them I’m not sure.
I am appreciative that I was able to share my view.

Alex B.,  Ayr



Feeding peanuts to local wildlife – a risk to vulnerable community members

I am a concerned parent that lives in Wilmot township wanting to spread awareness. My 16 month old daughter has an anaphylactic allergy to peanuts. It has been something that has been difficult to navigate for us.  Her allergy is life threatening and she carries an epipen at all times. It is SOMETHING THAT IS ON OUR RADAR 24/7 as her caregivers.

However, it never crossed my mind that I would have to be on high alert on our own property until my daughter bent over and picked up a peanut while playing in our backyard. I was completely taken off guard, but thankfully we were able to act quickly and she was ok. After scouring our yard I found about 6 more peanuts and now I’m terrified to have her play in the yard.

I realized that it must be due to people leaving peanuts out for squirrels, chipmunks and blue jays. While many may see this as a harmless and even enjoyable thing to do, I would ask you to please strongly reconsider doing this. A few other parents I spoke to have mentioned also finding peanuts in their yards, on their lawns and even in local school yards.

I never want to be the person to tell others what to do, and I recognize that my daughter’s safety is fully my responsibility, but it would help out an already stressed parent if people would reconsider feeding peanuts to local wildlife so that our yard can once again become a safe space for us. The consequences of continuing to do this may be fatal for someone with a life threatening allergy.

Danielle M., Wilmot



This Sam Oosterhoff fiasco would never have happened had other members of the Conservative party, who are Pro-Life,  had the guts to offer their support and openly voiced their opposition to Abortion as well!  If it’s OK for the “Pro Choice” to openly oppose the “Pro Life” view, then it is certainly OK for the opposite!  We ALL have CHOICE!  The men and women who lost their lives to fight for freedom did it for ALL of the free world!  Including Canada!  This includes the Right to assimilate Abortion to the holocaust due to the numbers of babies that have been killed since Abortion had been legalized!

Mike B., New Dundee

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