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Letters to the Editor: April 29, 2021

Both the Conservative Party of Canada and the Liberal Party of Canada have had their 2021 policy conventions now. After the 2021 National Liberal Convention, we learned that Liberal members support a universal basic income, a national pharmacare program, a “green new deal,” improving Canada’s long-term care home system and ending systemic racism in Canada’s policing, justice and correctional systems. After the 2021 Conversative Convention, we learned that Conservative members don’t recognize climate change, still reject medical assistance in dying and still dismiss hate speech legislation.

Twenty-six clear and compelling policy resolutions from the Liberal Convention really put the Conservative Convention into perspective. While the Liberal Convention provided a promising and ambitious vision for Canada, the Conservative Convention merely outlined what Conservative members don’t stand for and left us wondering what they do stand for.


M. Bender, Wellesley




It is ironic that your front page story is “Hitting the Links” just a few days after the Ford ON government has shut down golf in Ontario, the only jurisdiction in North America that has taken this pointless action. This is an example of very poor judgment.

According to Epidemiologists and other health professionals, golfing is a safe activity. It is a healthy activity for exercise, fresh air and safe social interaction.

It is also ironic that our local MPP, Mike Harris, has a piece on page two. At this time, he should be communicating directly with his constituents, but my experience is that he fails to respond to emails and other messages to his office. Why should I bother to read his “Letter”?

With this example of poor judgment, why should I bother to consider him next provincial election: June 2022?


Yours truly,

T. Witchell



The Ontario Government has missed the mark in the latest shutdown.  When I drive in downtown New Hamburg, the Vape shop as well as the Beer and Liquor Stores are open, and yet the golf courses and tennis courts remain closed.

We are being penalized because of the stupidity of areas like Toronto and Peel and yet large gatherings of young people continue to congregate, obviously without consequences.

If we had vaccinated the people who work directly with children, we could keep our schools open and our daycare centres in operation.

The fallout from stay-at-home orders in increased family violence and substance abuse far outweighs the total lockdown.

When will the Provincial Government come to their senses and listen to the medical experts!


J. Stankiewicz, New Hamburg




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