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Letters to the Editor – February 11.2021

“I’ve just finished reading this weeks Rural Post, which I look forward to every Thursday, and I can’t say enough how great it is to have a writer like Rob Roth now in your paper!  What a fantastic and great written first piece.  I wanted to continue reading more.  Kudos to you!  There will be many who try to discredit him with twisted facts to make their points against him, but in reality cannot truly and truthfully do it.  His points on free speech are spot on, and calling out those who continually hide behind anonymity and preach nonsense on anonymous sites is fantastic!  These cowards need to be called out, so we’ll done Rob!
I look forward to future pieces by Rob and my weekly Rural Post!
Thank you”

Dave C.


“In this column J Smith said if anyone knew about heated bird baths.
Mention is made of a big bowl heated water bowl but it really did not work.
Would you please forward this email to J. Smith that while I don’t have a heated
water bath I do have out a heated large water bowl that keeps water around 40 degrees
and I use it as a source for birds, squirrels, etc in my yard. While I have never seen birds
use it to b athe in the the winter, I have in the summertime.
i have never had it freeze up although with heavy snows it might get covered but underneath the
water is still not frozen
good luck”

Joyce J.


“Thank you for providing an update on the 2021 tax increase for the Woolwich Township. While reading the article, it was very clear that our representatives understand the difficulty those in our community are experiencing during the pandemic and are making wise decisions regarding the spending of our tax dollars.

However, there was one councillor whom I would suggest is only thinking of himself – Murray Martin – Ward 3. When the suggestion to divert any contingency reserve funds for those paying their property taxes late, or property tax forgiveness, I was shocked to read … Martin indicated “I don’t pay taxes to help somebody else. Those people don’t pay taxes to help ME!!”

I trust everyone in Ward 3 … Breslau, Winterbourne, West Montrose & Bloomingdale, Maryhill … will keep this in mind when it comes time to vote. Mr. Martin – remember the golden rule or obviously from your actions, you have never heard it before … Do unto others as you would have them do to you.”

Margot J.


“A tax increase is necessary for the township to sustain small businesses and cover excess cost incurred by the local government.

Although Canadian citizens are saving more, small businesses which rely on a non-lockdown life, are not. If these businesses cannot sustain late property fees and taxes, many will likely have to close up shop, which is why a tax increase is needed to minimize the effects of Covid-19.

The lack of financial activity that smaller businesses have been seeing combined with the fact that smaller governments are bringing in less revenue from normal public services, makes this increase even more necessary. Although a portion of these tax hikes is not going directly to the usual public services such as roads and sidewalks, they are in fact in the best interest of the community.

If local businesses cannot recover from the ramifications of the pandemic, the economic impact on the community will be far greater than a .5% tax increase.”

Mathieu F., Woolwich


“I’ve been listening to everyone around me during this pandemic.

  1. How is this issue changing all of us as a society?
  2. Has it given us more respect for each other?
  3. How proud of yourself are you of doing your best helping the people of the world make it a safer place toward a better future for all of us?

I am a Canadian! I trust my government is trying to do their best to protect all Canadians together with the rest of the world.

Am I wrong in believing my government?

I believe this should become a regular growing column in all forms of media and maybe we can have a chance to make our government work for the people. If nothing else, build a trust in our media believing in what they write, because we the people are the only reliable source most of us will believe.”

Michael S., Elmira


“Ha! Ha!  I want to thank Robert Roth for the good laugh I had as I read his article about cancel culture and his defence for the Mayor.

Like Mr. Roth, the Mayor and most, I assume, who read the Rural Post, I too fall well within the demographic of white privilege.  I have to admit the article almost had me clutching my pearls as I nervously scanned around for the cancel culture horde to crest the horizon.

Alas, all of Mr. Roth’s good points, about freedom of speech, were buried under the absurdity that somehow I am the real victim.  His example of using the Mayor’s blunder to justify that “we too suffer” is patently a false equivalence.  It is anecdotal and pales in comparison to the quantifiable damage caused to those who are routinely subjugated by racist misogynistic authority figures –that is an unequivocal fact!

Let us stop feigning that somehow our victimization is on the same plane.  It is embarrassing and it makes us look like a bunch of “entitled Karen’s” –Google it.  I have little tolerance for those who try to ordain and preach or reason their white privilege over others. This is not a game to play and your opinion just like mine demands scrutiny when given a public platform.

My hope is that all who are in power and privilege stand up and demand justice for those who do not have the same voice or authority.   If my words are too offensive, then heed the words of the Golden Rule, which all major religions share in some form,  ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’  ”

Steven J., Elmira


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