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Letters to the Editor – February 18, 2021

In your February 4, 2021 Rural Post on page 6 “The Roots of all sayings”.

Was the writer aware that in English Pubs the first requirement of the waitress was “watch your P’s and Q’s”.  This was so they could keep track of what various tables needed to pay.

Watch your Pints and Quarts.  Hence watch your P’s and Q’s

John Sandeerson


Shame on every church which blatantly defies or plans to defy universal COVID-19 Legislation.

Instead of shining a Light on a world that is darkened by this “power of the air”, you are an example of utmost arrogance!  As opposed to an organization that is to be an example of Light and Life, you are contributing to the increase of Darkness and Death!

How does this compare with Romans 13:1-5, or I Peter 2:13-15?  Or have you torn those references out of your Bibles?  If you were an Object of Religious Persecution, then maybe you would be justified.  You are Not!

These are Restrictions placed on all non-essential services.  If you claim to provide an Essential Service, it can be done within the parameters already set via restricted assembly or technology!  There is even technology that enables your Finances to be maintained by those who wish to donate.  Currently your behavior is encouraging Religious Persecution but for the wrong reasons! (1 Peter 2:20)

I plead with those who already hold a distaste for this religious institution.  They are not all the same! I am thankful my church is not defying this legislation, or I would disassociate myself from it.

Michael Benson


If we have learned anything during the pandemic these past 13 months, it’s that collectively we are able to transition to new ways of living and working.  So, can we also transition and adapt to new ways of living in the face of Climate Change? I believe we can.

The 50×30 campaign is asking Waterloo Region to commit to reducing GHG emissions community-wide to 50% by 2030, in line with the imperatives of climate science and centering on social justice and well-being.

This campaign builds on the public commitment made by regional municipalities in 2019 by declaring a climate emergency. Urgent action is needed because climate change is happening.

Now is time for us to act to ensure a just and sustainable future for all:

  • Invest in protection and restoration of agricultural lands, forests, sensitive wetlands.
  •  Invest in local food security and promote a circular economy to reduce food waste.
  •  Invest in E Transport and public E transportation to outlying townships
  •  Invest in green affordable housing. Retrofit existing homes, commercial and public buildings with energy efficient solutions.

Please contact your municipal politicians and urge them to support the 50×30 target. For more information check out

Linda Lackey



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