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Letters to the Editor – February 4, 2021

“To the Editor,

There has been a huge outcry about politicians travelling abroad in spite of the Covid-19 restrictions. When they return, they are falling all over us with apologies.

In high school, I had a highly respected teacher who had no patience when a student said “I’m Sorry.” Her response was the same every time. “No, you are not sorry or you couldn’t have done it in the first place.””

Lorene B., New Hamburg


“I just wanted to say thank you for your own level headed and unbiased response to your readers regarding the recent stir of emotions that Robert Roth’s article elicited. It is a welcome change to see that your paper is welcoming of ALL views.  I certainly hope that people who question, or disagree with the opinons of those brave enough to have their thoughts published, will have the strength to come forward themselves, and have their own opinions heard as well.

Thank you again for promoting open, thought provoking conversations within our community. I look forward to the next issue.”

Aimee C.



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    Ha! Ha! I want to thank Robert Roth for the good laugh I had as I read his article about cancel culture and his defence for the Mayor. Like Mr. Roth, the Mayor and most, I assume, who read the Rural Post I too fall well within the demographic of white privilege. I have to admit the article almost had me clutching my pearls as I nervously scanned around for the cancel culture horde to crest the horizon.
    Alas, all of Mr. Roth’s good points, about freedom of speech, were buried under the absurdity that somehow I am the real victim. His example of using the Mayor’s blunder to justify that “we too suffer” is patently a false equivalence. It is anecdotal and pales in comparison to the quantifiable damage caused to those who are routinely subjugated by racist misogynistic authority figures –that is an unequivocal fact!
    Let us stop feigning that somehow our victimization is on the same plane. It is embarrassing and it makes us look like a bunch of “entitled Karen’s” –Google it. I have little tolerance for those who try to ordain and preach or reason their white privilege over others. This is not a game to play and your opinion just like mine demands scrutiny when given a public platform. My hope is that all who are in power and privilege stand up and demand justice for those who do not have the same voice or authority. If my words are too offensive, then heed the words of the Golden Rule, which all major religions share in some form, ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ Steven Janzen, elmira.