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Life Advice from Ellie & Dutch

Q: I’m having trouble coming up with new meal plan ideas to keep meals from being repetitive and boring. Any suggestions?


E: There are so many different options for food in your own home that you may never have even thought of! A favourite delicacy of mine is fresh cat poop from the litter box. You can also try eating an old pair of stinky shoes, and maybe some secret chocolate that you were able to sniff out in a backpack lying around. You can even try mooching for food from other people eating around you. There are so many new foods I have been introduced to through mooching!

D: I would suggest anything mouse-flavoured that someone else can cook and bring to you. You can also try hunting for your own food, if you can’t find a waiter nearby. There are always plenty of chipmunks and field mice waiting to be scooped up, and they taste pretty great too.

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