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Life Advice from Ellie & Dutch: Concussed while skiing

Q: Last week I was skiing and long story short, I have a concussion. Besides the constant throbbing in my head, the second most painful thing is getting myself to rest adequately while feeling very restless. How can I relax?


E: One way that I always find helps me relaxes is to eat a whole jar of peanut butter and let the food coma take me to snooze-land. If you are allergic, then maybe do not try this method. Instead, I suggests you find a good bone to gnaw on until you are exhausted, and then you will fall straight asleep!

D: While I agree a food coma would be a great way to tire yourself into rest, absolutely do not do anything strenuous to tire yourself out. Chewing a bone until you’re exhausted? I wonder about the intelligence of my column partner sometimes. Perhaps you should try counting field mice to help you wind down. A purrsonal favourite way to relax is to indulge in some catnip. It puts your mind to ease, and you’ll sink right into your couch for a few hours of rest.



Editor’s note: Please do not engage in “catnip” or other “recreational activities” while you are recovering from a concussion. Such activities do NOT help your brain rest, and can worsen your symptoms. The best way to receive advice on recovering from a concussion is to speak with your family doctor or another health care professional.

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