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Life Advice from Ellie & Dutch: Humans Always Home

Q: Lately, my humans have been home all day. Normally, they abandon me for what feels like eons while they go to work. What the hecks is goings on? I am not sures if I should be concerned or ecstatic. – a Confused Pupper


E: Oh yes, I have noticed that my humans have not been abandoning me like they used to as well. This is time to celebrate! Now your humans are homes to play with you all day long! And if you are too sleepy to play, you can always curl up in their laps for a good snooze. Plus, now that they are home this means they will be eating lunch at home – think of all the mooching you can do!!

D: A time to celebrate?!? You’ve got to be kitten me! This is an atrocity!! The day time is your time to spend in bliss, without those foul humans around to disrupt your beauty naps. And scratching the furniture without being caught? Forget it! Ellie is so disillusioned thinking this is great. Tell me, dog, if you were imprisoned, and you had the choice between living out your days without the wardens always there to enforce their arbitrary rules, or having them breathe down your neck constantly, which would you choose? Now is the time to start planning your escape. Viva la resistance!!

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