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Life Advice from Ellie & Dutch: Job Hunt Burnout

Q: I’ve been out of work for a while now. I’ve been applying for jobs, but so far, no luck. I’m feeling disheartened, and am struggling with motivating myself to keep the job hunt up. How can I keep myself motivated?


E: Do not fret! You are not the only one looking for a job right now. Times have been hard for everyones. If you are feeling burnt out from your job hunting, why not try taking a break for a day or two to have some time to recharge. Then, when you return to your hunting you will be full of new energy to find the perfect job for you!

D: Well, I must admit I do agree with Ellie partially on this one. Sounds like you might be close to burn out, and taking time for self-care will definitely help you feel better. However, once you have recharged your batteries, I think your energy should be directed elsewhere. Why look for a job, where you will have to work, when you can simply look for someone who can take care of your needs for you. Go out and find yourself someone with lots of money who can pay your bills for you, and then you never have to worry about finding employment again.

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