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Life Advice from Ellie & Dutch: Marital Rows

Q: My husband and I fight a lot. I swear the man never listens to me!! Everything seems to always be about him, and I’m left feeling neglected and not valued in this relationship. How can I better get across my needs from him?


E: Fighting is never good, nor is being neglected. I would suggests that you try barking loudly at him, so he knows you are displeased with his behaviour. I know that when I barks, my humans always show me lots of attentions! If barking is not your style, then maybe instead try chewing on some of his favourite furniture. Then, when he confronts you, you can tells him what is bothering you, and he will know to take you seriously!

D: Ugh, men! They will never know how to properly treat their women. You are a Queen, and he should be your humble servant ready to meet your every want and need. Never settle for less! As he is neglecting his husbandly duties and is treating you with disrespect, I would recommend that you punish him royally. Purrhaps a few hours alone with a dungeon master would set him straight. If all else fails, there is always the guillotine. Off with his head, say I!

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