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Life Advice from Ellie & Dutch: Upcoming CAT-scan nerves

Q: I have a CAT-Scan coming up and I’m pretty nervous. What can I expect when I go? Is there any reason I should be concerned?


E: Yes, you should be VERY concerned! Having a scan done by CATS?! You cannot trust these creatures with your bodily informations. I am not sure how a cat would be able to scan you, or what exactly they would be scanning for, but I know that cats are not creatures you can trust. I once told the cat that I live with my very special bone hiding spot. The next thing I know, my baby brother has my bone and is chewing on it! He never knew where to find it before I told that cursed cat. Do not say I did not warns you.

D: Oh, posh. Do not listen to the worry-wart Ellie. Her disclosing the whereabouts of her bone to me most certainly did not lead to her brother finding her bone. The truth is that she is just very bad at hiding it. Cats are very trustworthy animals, and seeing how wise we are, I am sure they will be able to find what is wrong with you in no time. If you’re lucky, maybe a cat or two will knead your back while you’re on the table –  I would never turn down an opportunity for a free massage!

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