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The residents at Elmira District Community Living were anything but blue when Elvis showed up to celebrate Valentine’s Day on a cold Friday earlier this

Dennis Baer says that if someone had told him 10 years ago to switch from his tried and true log-burning heating system to a Heizomat

The United Nations released a report on February 18th on the health of the planet that proposes a radical shift in the way mankind thinks

Life seems far too busy, even as we rode through lockdown.  The U.S. election may have kept some entertainaed but in the political world everything

Like many students across Waterloo Region, my five children returned to the classroom this month. As a parent, I firmly believe that their safety needs

The phone is ringing off the hook at St. Jacob’s trendiest pizza place, but Those Pizza Guys wouldn’t have it any other way. Owners of the

Celebrating its 11th year, ‘Bring on the Sunshine’ aims to shed light onto Black history in Woolwich Township. More than a decade ago Elmira residents Alice

Grammy’s Boutique and Espresso Bar in Wellesley is hoping to make lockdown look a little brighter by leaving some sunshine on the doorstep. The cafe and

Hello Neighbours,   I hope your family is doing well and staying connected during this lockdown period. We have now been battling COVID-19 for a year, and

Regional librarians have been working hard on new ways to keep the community entertained during lockdown. Sheryl Tilley, manager, library services for the Region of Waterloo

Todd Cowan is surprised at how many new businesses are opening during a pandemic. The publisher of the Waterloo Region Rural Post says he’s been happy

It’s February, a time when minds turn to thoughts of sugar bushes, groundhogs and the promise of Spring, but the shortest month of the year

“Confined to Barracks”, was a phrase used by my father-in-law, a veteran of the Second World War and a survivor of a prisoner-of-war camp. Jimmie

A Shingletown advocacy group says movement has once again begun on an application for a gravel pit in the area between Petersburg and New Dundee. Samantha

If the Winter blahs have got you down, Laurie Surey wants you to get up and dance. The owner of Ocean Pearl Yoga and Funky Town

Snow may still be in the forecast, but plans have already begun for the first celebration of Spring — the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival. This year’s

Welcome to a new year.  As we leave the last twelve months behind, 2021 provides an opportunity to take the lessons, hardships, and joy we

After 20 years at the helm of Elmira District Community Living, Greg Bechard hopes he’s left a legacy of community support for the organization. Bechard retired

When increased restrictions were announced in Ontario, Roger Lichti and Sue From knew they had to act to keep their staff together. The owners of Rural

As we head into January, a new year, a year of hope but also concerns and uncertainty. January also means the ROMA conference (Rural Ontario Municipal

North Dumfries Councillors for the Township of North Dumfries know that the 2021 budget isn’t going to look like other years. Debating the budget for the year

‘Non Food Drive’ Fundraiser Raises over $36,000 for Woolwich Community Services, Christmas Goodwill Program   Woolwich Community Services, Christmas Goodwill Program, received a big financial boost to

“Wet your Whistle” Years ago in England, a whistle was baked into the rim or handle of ceramic cups used in Pubs. When a patron needed

It’s been a financially difficult year across the region for many, and municipal governments have been no exception. Despite revenue losses in 2020 from a lack

Well what else can you call it?   As a rule, anything that begins with an “un” in almost every context would imply that whatever you

Hello Friends, I hope that you had an opportunity during the holiday season to connect with friends and loved ones and enjoy some well-deserved time off.

At one time or another we’ve either heard or used some of these expressions. We all know what they mean, but where did they originate

Hello there! My name is Jerome, I am a young ADORABLE gerbil. I am very energetic and adventurous, I love to run around my cage and

2020 was a difficult year for everyone. There is still considerable uncertainty as to how the pandemic and its repercussions will unfold in 2021, so

The start of the new year is a time to look ahead and welcome the opportunities 2021 may bring. This holiday season was unlike what

The past year has been tough for almost everyone, but for Elmira District Community Living (EDCL), a local non-profit which supports individuals living with a

Hello my name is IHOP. I am an adorable rabbit who is curious and adventurous. I like toys that have treats in them like a cat

Dan Albrecht was a man of few words but when he spoke, he meant what he said. He also let his actions speak much louder than

Ayr – At first glance, the name Tipsy Scarf might seem rather whimsical. Maybe that’s true, but the name means something to owner Christie Roth. She named

Our Christmas Season is going to look very different this year, however just because we cannot all be together does not mean that we will

Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” If that’s true, then New

Milverton – If someone had asked Tim and Kerry Shantz 20 years ago what they would be doing today, the answer would be simple: running

While our neighbours to the south try to sort out their political future, we of the North continue for face and live through interesting times.

As we get closer to the holidays, I want to take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas. This

A hidden jewel exists just 2 minutes west of Elmira on Line 86, in the industrial valley of Wallenstein.  What appears to be an ordinary storage

Covid Before Christmas Denoted by Mayor Armstrong and written by Elaine Bender   ‘Twas three weeks before Christmas And all thru the House The kids were on line, Each with their

It’s often been said that the true measure of character is not simply found in adversity but in how a person reacts and responds to

Decorating has always been a passion for Marilyn Hartung of Hilly Acres. The property, located just outside of Bamberg, is nothing more than a festive

Wellesley has sure seen its share of Blizzards this past summer, but nobody’s complaining. In fact, it appears that Lip Smackin’ Lou’s came along just when

This year, the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train is coming to you via Facebook rather than physically stopping in Cambridge and Ayr, to entertain you and

Who doesn’t remember Christmas morning as a child? Santa Claus had come the night before. There were presents under the tree and they had your name

Elmira – A Christmas Carol is going virtual on December 6, starting at 7 p.m., when Gale Presbyterian Church, Elmira, broadcasts their own scripted version

In this latest edition, Rob sits down with Jane Mitchell who has been a powerhouse in local politics for decades in the Region. From her roots

Elmira – There’s no way to avoid it: every life, eventually, comes to the same conclusion, whether we accept it or not. Funerals, per se, are

It wasn’t love at first sight, per se, but for Donita Menary, it was love at first taste. Menary is the proud new owner of O&V

Did you know that there are no laws in Ontario, or Canada, setting consequences for conducting electoral fraud in an internal political party election? That means

Stuffin Stockings is a St. Jacobs Lions charity moving into year 10 of its annual stocking campaign. Stockings are made for those in need right here

The Wellesley Township Fall Fair earlier in the year had decided to start a Township of Wellesley Citizens of the Year award system to recognize

St. Jacobs – Alas, the proverbial winter of our discontent has arrived and with the colder months, comes a new challenge for many business owners;

Elmira – Some business ideas are just meant to be, just as some relationships are meant to happen either by good luck or karma. Lindsay and

While our neighbours to the south try to sort out their political future, we of the North continue to face and live through interesting times.

2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the end of WW2. Significant celebrations were planned for commemoration, but because of COVID-19, events have had to be planned

The 3 pillars of our government’s 2020 budget are protect, support, and recover. It is a $45 billion plan to protect Ontarians from COVID-19, support

Gardeners, by now you have likely cut back your perennials and your flower beds have been cleaned out. Leaving some leaves in your garden offers

It’s beginning to look a lot like a Covid Christmas this year for local charities. As everyone knows by now, we are living in unprecedented times

Kitchener – Randy Pickles has sure packed a lot of miles and living into his life at 63. He’s gone from being a young kid racing

Hello Neighbours, As we look forward to Christmas, many people want more information about what the holiday will look like this year and on key COVID-19

Of course our thoughts automatically turn to November 11th when each and every year we pause our daily routine wherever we are for a few

It’s been a lengthy wait for many people who have been anxiously awaiting the opening of the Ignite Group’s latest offering, but Crowsfoot Smokehaus officially

“How many apple pies does it take to build a church? Lee Coulman may or may not know the answer to that just yet, but he

This year, 2020, marks the 75th anniversary of the end of WW2. Significant celebrations were planned for commemoration, but because of COVID-19, those events have

Everybody knows that there is no place like home. No one takes building or buying a new home lightly, nor would they take lightly the things

Local Artist Reprints Popular Book of Conestogo Sketches There aren’t many silver linings during a pandemic, so to speak, but one local artist used her time

Analogies comparing a life and career to the movements of a train are not difficult to find, but such a comparison seems rather appropriate when

There is something uniquely timeless about a business that has been running like clockwork for ninety-three years. Three generations ago, August Hartman opened the doors to

The Doug Ford government Bill 213 contains two sections that are a direct attack on freedom of religion and church marital practices, and I object! I

Renowned sculptor, Timothy Schmalz, has been working since 4 a.m. on his latest sculpture – which he estimates is six months away from completion –

As a father of five school-age children, my number one priority is listening to local parents and educators on the best way to protect students’

Old Grey Mayors is a podcast series that features Rob sitting down and talking with community and civic leaders, and other community members who’ve made

There could be any number of reasons why a person needs help in order to stay in their own home: an injury, a sudden short-term

If there is one thing that the Covid-19 pandemic has taught most of us, it’s that we must learn how to adapt and be flexible,

Dear Neighbours, To begin, I want to say thank you. Thank you for coming together and making the best of this most difficult time. I know

Old Grey Mayors is a bit misleading as a podcast title. Only the host Rob Deutschmann is always old, grey and a mayor – the

Is your lawn the picture of health, or does it look more brown than green? Chances are, it’s dying simply because it’s feeding various lawn-killers like

As George Bernard Shaw once said, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” For inSeason’s store clerk, Laurie Hergott,

If you’ve ever tried to do in-depth research on the internet, you’ve quickly come to the realization that standard search engines aren’t up to the

Everybody has heard the old saying, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” but when the tree happens to be the former Premier of

With millions of jobs lost and countless businesses closing, people are struggling to find a way to bring in an income. This is creating havoc on

Doug Ford’s New Social Gathering Restrictions Suggest 11 People Together for Thanksgiving is a “Wild Party”   On Wednesday, September 16th, Premier Doug Ford announced new “social

It started out in March 2018: a new idea for reselling, reusing and recycling unsold thrift store items. And now it's going to the next

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to take a toll on many businesses, numerous non-profit and charitable organizations in Kitchener-Conestoga, as well as many across Canada,

Dear Friends, Fall is almost here, and I hope you and your family are doing well. This season brings new challenges and opportunities as businesses and

Dear Friends: I wish I could say all is well, we are doing great and COVID-19 will come to an end. I am sorry but

Andy is a three year-old medium male mixed breed. [caption id="attachment_7274" align="alignnone" width="225"] Andy[/caption] My name is Andy and I am an energetic happy dog. I love

As John Lennon once said, “Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans.” For Kitchener-Conestoga, Liberal MP, Tim Louis, life and love happened when

Running a business and struggling to survive during the Covid-19 pandemic isn't easy for some small businesses these days, but one Wellesley entrepreneur has no

For parents and children, back to school in September is always met with a combination of anxiety, excitement and a little relief. We all know,

This week, we are featuring Terra, a 3 year old female domestic shorthair cat. [caption id="attachment_7167" align="alignnone" width="398"] Terra[/caption] While Terra may look content at the moment

“The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.” -- quote attributed to Mahatma Gandhi Just as the

Dear Neighbours, As summer comes to a close, it is an opportunity to look back and appreciate how far we've come during these tough times. As

Caitlin Livingston of Wellesley was crowned Wellesley’s Fall Fair Ambassador for 2020-2021 on Monday the 31st of August by last year’s ambassador, Leah Sebben of

There are two rules for success in any business: find a need and fill it and, most importantly, love what you do and do it

On July 21, I voted ‘No’ to Doug Ford’s undemocratic Bill 195.  As a result, I was unilaterally removed from the PC caucus by Premier

There’s only one thing better than beer and pizza with your friends – local, craft-brewed beer and a wood-fired, oven-cooked pizza smothered in locally sourced

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