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Marriage Today – Making Your Dreams Come True

Dear Friend,

The story of the Bible is very simple: God wants a family. He doesn’t need anything because He is self-existent, but He does want something. God has a dream, and His dream is a family.

That’s how the Bible begins, with God creating Adam and Eve in the Garden. We are God’s dream.

There’s a story in Mark 14 that provides an example of what that means. Jesus is at the home of Simon the leper when a woman comes to him with an expensive alabaster flask of oil. She breaks the bottle and pours it on His head.

The perfume was expensive. The Bible says it was worth 300 denarii. One denarius was considered a day’s wage, so that bottle was the equivalent of a year’s salary—maybe $50,000 in today’s terms!

That’s why several people who were at the house criticized the woman for what she did. They suggested she sell it and give the money to the poor rather than wasting it on Jesus. But Jesus told them to leave her alone. He said, “Wherever the Gospel is preached in the whole world, tell of this story.”

So we have Jesus at the home of a leper, showing love to someone who would have been an outcast in that society. That tells us that we are God’s dream regardless of what we look like, what we’ve accomplished, or how we’ve failed. He values you anyway. You are God’s dream.

But why did Jesus command that we tell the woman’s story? It’s because she didn’t just give Him perfume. She gave Him her dream. She had been saving that perfume as the dowry for her marriage. She could have been greedy or selfish with her dream, but she decided to give it to Jesus.

This was her future, and she realized that Jesus was more important than her dream. She laid it down so God could have His dream.

Greed or selfishness can blind us to God’s dream. But the Gospel can only be preached by people who value God’s dream over their dream. Regardless, our dreams are significant parts of our lives.

Did you know that research has shown that the worst fights in marriage are on a dream level? They happen when one spouse begins to threaten the dream of another spouse.

When you’re spending too much money, you may be threatening one spouse’s dream of having a secure home.

When you won’t come home and be with the kids, you’re not just being distant. You may be threatening one spouse’s dream of having a family that loves each other and spends time together.

That doesn’t mean every dream is equally valuable. Sometimes we have the wrong dreams, like when my dream was to play golf whenever I wanted. That dream nearly destroyed my marriage. God allowed it to die.

But if your dream is a righteous dream—the dream of a future, the dream of a ministry, the dream of a family—Jesus tells us that we should still lay it down for Him. Put God’s dream in front of your dream and you’ll find your dream anyway. You’ll get the dream that you’re wanting.

What’s your alabaster flask? What’s your dream? Have you surrendered it to the Lord? You should, because you are His dream.



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