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Mental Wellbeing in the Virtual Workplace

We have been at this for more than a year – the virtual working from home world.  It should be no surprise that Mental Health cases are on the rise.

For those who have worked virtually for the last 12 months, it is understandable that you may have feelings you never even knew could be early signs of declining mental health.  The feeling of isolation, being overwhelmed with work/life balance and often having those two worlds collide has made the need for Mental Health awareness even more important.  Each of us may have different challenges and battles – family stresses, caring for an elderly parent, homeschooling/hybrid learning, just to mention a few!  Are you able to recognize the signs and symptoms you may not be aware of in yourself or those who may be suffering in silence?

Here are few things to ask yourself or to detect someone that may need support.

  • Is there change in appearance?
  • Is there a change in habits?
  • Is there a change in behaviour?

Suggestions on how to support others in a virtual environment:

  • Check on those coworkers that are alone, that may not have friends or family close by and may feel even more isolated
  • Create a virtual fun after work activity or schedule a coffee chat through video conferencing to check in with your team
  • Try a chat group for your team – some may have access to internal chat messages through platforms like Microsoft Teams
  • For a quick work question, contact a team member via a phone call to have that human interaction.

Before checking on others, make sure you do a check-in for yourself, since we know you can’t pour from an empty cup.

How can you assist with your own mental wellbeing?

  • Take scheduled breaks, even if that means blocking your calendar for 10 mins to have a stretch
  • Exercise – even if for just 15 minutes a day – maybe a quick walk on your lunch break
  • Use media platforms and Apps on your smart device for ideas on yoga, meditation, exercise routines
  • Check if your place of employment has an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offered through your company benefits. This is a great resource to use if you are struggling or looking for support in your community. There often are various forms of support available per year that is of no cost to you

To learn more about mental wellbeing, or if you are interested in becoming a certified Mental Health First Aider please check out the website:  or email for any HR related business needs.





By H2R Business Solutions

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