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New!! Come Alive to Her Heart

Come Alive to Her Heart by Bruce Lengeman

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In a culture that attempts to socialize men into a watered-down version of maleness, many men are rising up and discovering God’s design. This learning process, though, must lead them into a God-likeness marked by both steel and velvet characteristics.

‘Come Alive to Her Heart’ focuses on the velvet aspect of being a mature man, especially as it relates to marriage. As a marriage counselor for decades, author Bruce Lengeman pinpoints major issues tormenting marriages. A husband strikes out in the intimacy arena when he doesn’t pursue his wife’s heart, failing to understand the value of the feminine soul, resulting in an emotionally unfulfilled spouse.

Though not totally to blame, this book teaches men how to be truly male by being like God in the velvet element of manhood, and how he can apply his sensitive, intimate side to create joy in the heart of his wife.

This book is practical, filled with the author’s personal testimonials of how he learned, through failure and experience, to nurture a happy, healthy partner for life. Written for husbands but wives will benefit, too!


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