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Ontario Protects Homeless Shelters Against COVID-19

Keeping vulnerable people in Waterloo Region safe

The Ontario government is providing $6,617,514 to help the Region of Waterloo keep vulnerable people safe. The new funding will protect homeless shelter staff and residents and help prevent more people from becoming homeless.


This new phase of the Social Service Relief Fund builds on the previously announced allocations of $3,350,700 during Phase 1 and $9,882,949 during phase 2 bringing the total amount received by the Region of Waterloo to $19,851,163.

Municipal service managers and Indigenous program partners can use the funding to acquire motel and hotel spaces to support physical distancing of shelter residents, hire more shelter staff, purchase personal protective equipment (PPE) and cleaning supplies, and add to rent and utility banks to prevent more people from becoming homeless.


“This is another positive step forward on our journey here at Waterloo Region,” said Region of Waterloo Chair Karen Redman. “This Phase 3 of funding in social services relief money will allow the Region to continue the work that we started at the beginning of COVID-19 to address inequities and homelessness and we look forward to the positive impact this funding will continue to bring.”






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