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Reading Corner: Landline

Landline by Rainbow Rowell


What would you do if you had a phone to the past? Would you want to talk to yourself, or someone else entirely? What would you change?

For Georgie McCool, she doesn’t have to wonder. After landing the job deal of her dreams, she is forced to watch her husband and children go on their annual trip without her. Worried that she just made a life-ruining mistake, she desperately tries to reach out to her family, but ends up talking to her husband from before they were married. Confused and panicked, Georgie either has a chance to fix her marriage or stop it from ever happening…

This book was a pleasant surprise. I picked it up because I adore Rainbow Rowell’s writing style, and thought I would give one of her adult books a try. Not only is the plot just as captivating as her last books, but the romance is equally as heart-wrenching.

Landline draws you in fast with its witty characters, fun dialogue, and realistic relationships. Anyone can relate to Georgie’s situation, whether the stress she is experiencing or the problems she is facing.

This book has an equal mix of reality and fantastical, keeping any reader invested in the story. Rainbow Rowell does a wonderful job at keeping her lively style but adding more serious undertones for her adult readers. However, she is also great at keeping this book enjoyable enough for her teen readers. While this novel is marketed towards adults, I believe young adults can appreciate this book just as much.

Landline is a wonderful story to transition into more adult fiction or just a fun read for romance lovers.



Review written by Davina Robinson

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