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Report from Bryan May – MP for Cambridge

We’re proud of the things that set us apart as Canadians– the problems we’ve solved in a uniquely Canadian way. Our universal healthcare is a made-in-Canada system that takes care of us and our loved ones when we get sick. But our medicare lacks something that many other nations have: a plan to pay for the medicine we need.

For many Canadians, the cost of prescription medicine can be a barrier. After speaking with residents in our community, it is clear that the current system of drug coverage leaves too many Canadians behind. Many Canadians struggle with the cost of medication, and so our government has set out a plan to create a pharmacare system for everyone.

The council created to consider a national pharmacare plan traveled across Canada to hear from thousands of families, doctors, and pharmacists on what our plan should look like. The council learned that a national drug plan would save families and businesses more than $16 billion every single year – money that can be re-invested in our economy and our future.

We’ve begun laying the foundation for a made-in-Canada pharmacare system to work with the healthcare system that Canadians rely on every day.  Our system will not only provide medicine that keeps us healthy, it will also save taxpayers money.

This year, we created the Canadian Drug Agency to negotiate better drug prices with pharmaceutical companies, and started building a system to ensure affordable medication becomes a reality for all.

We are investing in our medicare alongside the programs we’ve funded for seniors, veterans, and children to deliver services to Canadians that need them most.

We’re forging ahead on fighting poverty with the Canada Child Benefit, developing universal pharmacare, and implementing the National Housing Strategy. Our goal is to reduce poverty by 50% by 2030.

As always, I’m here to help with federal issues and any questions you might have. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch at or by calling 519-624-7440.


Bryan May is the Member of Parliament for Cambridge, North Dumfries, and North Brant.

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