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Shmoo Review – Atypical

Atypical – TV Show, 40 minutes

Netflix has something for everyone, with movies and shows of every variety to get absorbed into – from horror to romantic dramas. But for now, let’s talk about a show that is very close to my heart, and for all the right reasons, keeps getting renewed for new seasons. Atypical, a show for all ages, brings you into the struggles of being a parent as well as a teenager in the modern era.

Exploring the lives of Sam and Casey and their parents Eliza and Doug, Atypical is not too shy to present real topics such as; having a cheating spouse, going to a new school, first relationships and finding yourself at any stage in life. It quickly and easily sets up their family dynamics, telling the story of what it’s like to live with autism, and raising a son with autism.

There isn’t a lot that this series tells you, because it prefers to show you. As it is narrated by Sam, you’re being fed facts about arctic animals all the while seeing life through his lens. They really found their cast in this show; the acting is phenomenal, and as an audience member you almost feel as though these are real people and their experiences have been taped.

This show is a wonderful mix of educational and entertaining. It does not feel as though you need to have known someone on the spectrum to enjoy what it offers you. The pilot episode leaves the audience with a natural curiosity as to Sam’s feelings for his young therapist and to know whether or not he will act on them.

Enjoy Atypical and immerse yourself in the story of Sam.

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