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Shmoo Review – Tolkien

Talk about fellowship. J.R.R. Tolkien was not only a man who celebrated love and passions but you get to watch how it impacted his life in the new film Tolkien, directed by Dome Karukoski. You can clearly see how much love was put into the making of this film because it simply radiates off the screen. The minimalist techniques used by lead actors Nicholas Hoult and Lily Collins showcase their excellent performances depicting the childhood sweethearts. The dynamics portrayed by the friends both in elementary school and later in their secondary years were beautifully crafted and brought a real smile to my face.

The team that brought forth this movie are true fans, and understood exactly how to portray a man as unique as Tolkien really was. The cinematography draws you in possibly even more than the acting itself. With carefully crafted angles and fantastic visuals, the audience is brought into the creative mind of J.R.R. Tolkien and shown what may have been his creative process.

The story follows the life of young Tolkien after the death of his mother; living in a house with a young Edith Bratt, moving to a new school, making new friends and finally, the creation of their secret society. Later we see his life at Oxford and with his children. Audience members are brought along through a journey of fellowship and love, given a very strong dose of connection to the lives on the screen and thrown into the era of WWI.

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