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Shmoo Review – Ford v. Ferrari

Based on the true events of the 1966, 24 hours of Le Mans, this racing film takes you on a two and a half hour joy ride with visionary director James Mangold behind the wheel.

The most noticeable victory from this film is the cinematography. It puts you right alongside the action. The direction of each racing scene was so intense and perfectly edited to engage and bring the audience to the edges of their seats in anticipation. I looked around the theatre and noticed that I was not the only one leaning forward the entire time.

As for the acting, I don’t think this movie is anything new or stands out for the talent involved. Christian Bale, who plays Miles Kent, sometimes felt like a character with his performance a little over the top, while other times felt very real. In the moments of racing, we could see the joy, passion and spark from Bale that surely were the reasons he got cast in the first place.

Matt Damon, who plays racing star Carroll Shelby, fits his role well and brings to life the persona of a once great racer and has moments of depth, but doesn’t overly shine in any way that would make his performance stand out.

This film is filled with comedy and heart. It shows the real meaning of passion and the pursuit of one’s dreams; with a final lesson that you shouldn’t be in it to win, but instead because you love it.

I believe Ford v. Ferrari is an entertaining and enjoyable watch with great direction and style.


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