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Shmoo Review – Forgotten

If you can get through the subtitles then I highly recommend viewing ‘Forgotten’. This Korean mystery has a driven and well-crafted plot that sees each character through to the very end.

Nothing about this film seemed cheesy or hastily thrown together; every detail down to the subplots was organized, carefully thought about and brought back into fruition.

The performances of our two leads were rooted and mesmerizing; a clear talent was shown through our antagonist played by Mu-Yoel Kim. His range and screen presence were strong and eye-catching as he melted between the two versions of himself in this film; daring you to love him whilst simultaneously hating him. And the same can be said about our protagonist who convincingly brings you through the complicated narrative of the life we are shown.

Director Jang Hang-jun hits every moment perfectly, truly demonstrating the correct way to write and direct a thriller. Leading you in one direction and then completely blindsiding you with the truth, but reversing the storytelling, almost shot for shot so that you fully understand and believe the climax as it unfolds before your eyes.

This story follows the life of Jin-seok, when his abducted brother returns home, seeming like a different man with no memory of the past 19 days. Jin-seok tries to figure out the truth behind the kidnapping, only to discover that there’s a much deeper plot afoot. Grab a few friends, and a fuzzy blanket to keep yourself warm, then I dare you to try and unfold the mystery of ‘Forgotten’, on Netflix.

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