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Shmoo Review – Godmothered

Like Disney’s previous film, Enchanted, ‘Godmothered’ places a hyper-realistic cartoon into the hustle and bustle of a hard-working city person’s life. Each character inspires the other to give in to life a little bit more; one character being the uplifting cartoon typecast and the other being a down to earth, tough it out, caretaker.

I enjoyed watching Godmothered, starring Jillian Bell as the perfect cartoon come to life, Eleanor, a bumbling fairy godmother stereotype who gives you no other choice than to be sucked into her world. She takes us on an adventure where we get to learn the importance of forgetting the happily-ever-after and just trying to live happily.

The film opens with Eleanor, a fairy godmother who has no experience on the job. Eleanor learns that the company she works for is going to be shut down and in an attempt to save her job and company, Eleanor goes on one last case to prove that happily-ever-after is still manageable and emphasizing the importance of authenticity, as well.

June Squibb plays an adorable narrator and although her role was meant to be an addition to the story, I found that I was drawn out of the fantasy when she would come on screen. Her hip and modern jokes feel out of place and jarring against the rest of the tone of the film. Although this is not an original film idea, it is still an easy set up for a fun night in with some popcorn and hot chocolate.


Written by Andi Hubick

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