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Shmoo Review – Good Boys

It feels like a callback to when comedies didn’t have to be such big productions, but rather a plot about friends and an hilarious situation. Many of the funniest jokes were made with recurring props or simple situations, allowing the audience to just sit back, relax and enjoy.

I would definitely go see this film again. It is a great distraction for any stressed person and really hit the fine line between reminiscing and laughing at our younger days. The up and coming director, Gene Stupnitsky, is more commonly seen as a producer or writer on many shows and films.

The beginning of the movie felt really fast as they were setting up the characters, with a lot of jump cuts which made the film have an odd pace at first. But once realizing that this is just the style of the director, the pacing became the new normal.

Jacob Tremblay definitely shines in this role as in any other, as he brings his on-set experience and wisdom to the leading role of Max. Tremblay is obviously a seasoned actor and you can see in his line delivery that he knows what he’s doing. Unfortunately, the same cannot always be said for the other actors in this film, whose lines sometimes felt like they were being said singularly, not within a conversation.

Of course, we have a cast of kids playing sixth graders so I’ll leave that judgement up to you. If you’re looking for a film to go see this weekend, whether by yourself or with a group of your closest friends I would recommend seeing Good Boys.

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