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Shmoo Review – Hustlers

A movie that was supposed to mark another great accomplishment for women empowerment instead shows women drugging and stealing from men with the rationale that they did it first.

While sweeping this under the rug, director Lorene Scafaria paints these women as heroines who are just trying to support their families, and doing no wrong. There were quite a few instances in this movie that just felt out of place and added to drag out the plot.

Julia Stiles plays Jennifer, the reporter who interviewed all of the girls years after they got caught, but really had no purpose in the film other than to call back to the articles that the film itself was based on. Instances like this were part of the reason this 110 minute drama felt too long and slow moving.

Of course, the cast of this film is one of the only reasons to celebrate, with stars such as Jennifer Lopez committing fully to her character, making a believable performance come to life and showing that she’s still the power symbol she once was.

Constance Wu put up a good fight with what she was given, although the actions of her character didn’t always make sense. Many cameos of music industry personalities were also featured to draw in an audience but they remained just that, cameos, with not much story behind them and only demonstrating that it would be cool to see Lizzo playing her flute on the big screen.

If you want to see a film about pole dancing and the under belly of the club scene, then this might be quite enjoyable for you. But as for my vote, maybe just stick to reading the article it was based on.

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