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Shmoo Review – IT Chapter 2

The Losers Club is back in this thrilling ending to the two part story of “It”. Be prepared to see violent attacks from this mythical creature that turns into your nightmares as it chomps off limbs of men, women and children. If blood shed makes you queasy, this is not the film for you.

All of that aside, the heart of this film is about the bonds and importance of friendship. Life will throw you curveballs, but it’s important to have good relationships around you that can and will help you get through the challenges. And that is what It Chapter Two is about.

It differs from your traditional horror film by having a good plot and well rounded characters with depth.

This time around, 27 years have passed since the first movie. Many of the Losers are now married and have moved far away from Derry, a town they once called home. We see the effects of the abuse and trauma each child endured and how it has shaped their character in the present.

While many of the stunts are told through practical effects, there is also a science fiction aspect to this film that is used to explain the origins of the terror-spreading creature. Once again, this film is much more than meets the eye and has an almost television series kind of feel.

Everything was given the time it needed to be touched on; nothing felt too short or too long, but rather solidly planned out and carried through. Find some time, grab a friend and try not to jump while seeing It Chapter Two, in theatres this week.

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